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"Exploring the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, I invite consciousness into an immersive state of resonance with the intrinsic nature of being. Creation is the purest expression of life; a space of belongingness becomes present. Intuitive and organic, playing with positive and negative space, my practice evokes the experience of transmuting the boundaries of physical and non-physical, chaos and order." Sophie

B E. (ある) Collection


Practising Buddhist influenced zen states of being and principles of Taoism and aesthetic ideals such as Wabi-Sabi (侘寂), Shibui (渋い), and Ikigai (生き甲斐), inspire abstract, metaphorical symbolism as the spiritual core of Sophie's work. Organic and asemic results from the process and the media itself evoke a sense of surrender to the unknown, a birthing ground for potential.  It is the expression of an inclusive experience, a balanced consciousness. The idea of union and integration between body and soul, doing and being, giving and receiving. Through the beauty of simplicity and imperfection, we are able to experience the transcendence of it all. Timeless in its effort and effect, a grounded sense of belonging. 


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