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Flow State is an experimental and raw expression of play through live audio-visual performances. A collective of mixed media paintings and live analogue liquid light projections support the experimental electronic music duo Pleistocene Megafauna', who use analogue and digital synthesis with organic samples to create ambient soundscapes and euphoric dance journeys. Everything is 100% improvised and brings a  sense of belongingness to sound and art into our natural psyche.


Pleistocene Megafauna is made up of Scott Wyllie and Matt Dear, two musicians with extensive experience in live performance and composition in more traditional band setups. With this project we seek to return to a more primordial state of creativity through improvisation, augmenting creative disciplines and telling stories through sound, light and thought, taking the audience on a sonic and spiritual journey, blurring the lines between participant and observer. This is presented through live musical sound design, combined with synergistic visuals projected onto the players while incorporating samples from popular culture and their own field recordings and interviews.

Quarter House, Folkestone.jpg
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