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‘Create amity & balance for life with a mind, body & soul connection. Hold intent to align with

the super consciousness & gain knowledge that we have a choice, we are the creators of our own

reality. With energy work & awareness of our natural born powers as a foundation, we can manifest

our dreams & desires, enabling well-being to flourish. Return to a natural state of being, that of

creativity, abundance & love.’ Sophie

Sophie is an intuitive energy worker using a combination of intuitive energy healing, Reiki, Theta healing, crystals, automatic drawing, writing & personal development coaching to produce the desired results.

Energy work is great for stress reduction & relaxation that promotes healing & manifestation. The work can vary in effects from person to person as everyone’s energy system is different, & so responds individually. Since this work involves freeing blockages & constrictions in energy flow & mindset, the more sessions that take place, the more responsive & open the energy field & perspective becomes, so that over time, deeper pervasive benefits can be experienced. It is an extremely gentle therapy, creating a space to feel safe & just let yourself be so that nature can work at its optimum. Clients invariably feel the difference, both during & after a session as a result of the rebalancing of their energy system. Those who have continued with this work & made it a way of life have transformed their entire existence.

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    2 hr

    180 British pounds
  • Energy work is great for stress reduction & relaxation that promotes h...

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    1 hr

    60 British pounds
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    30 min

    30 British pounds
  • Intuitive Frequency + Artistry Energy Healing

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    20 British pounds
"Whilst the treatment was being carried out I totally relaxed, and, literally, thought of nothing, my mind cleared and I just drifted physically and mentally. The same has happened on all subsequent treatments I've had. Over the weeks my mind and body have seemed clearer and it has definitely helped me cope with my day to day living, which for me means coping with my MS better. I will continue on a regular basis." 


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