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A M I T Y   B A L A N C E

‘Create amity & balance for life with a mind, body & soul connection. Hold intent to align with the super consciousness & gain knowledge that we have a choice, we are the creators of our own reality. With energy work & awareness of our natural born powers as a foundation, we can manifest our dreams & desires, enabling well-being to flourish. Return to a natural state of being, that of creativity, abundance & love.’ Sophie






Sophie is an intuitive artist & energy worker using a combination of chakra energy healing, Reiki, Theta healing, crystals, automatic drawing, painting & writing & personal development coaching to produce the desired results. Energy work is great for stress reduction & relaxation that promotes healing & manifestation. The work can vary in effects from person to person as everyone’s energy system is different, & so responds individually. Since this work involves freeing blockages & constrictions in energy flow & mindset, the more sessions that take place, the more responsive & open the energy field & perspective becomes, so that over time, deeper pervasive benefits can be experienced. It is an extremely gentle therapy, creating a space to feel safe & just let yourself be so that nature can work at its optimum. Clients invariably feel the difference, both during & after a session as a result of the re balancing of their energy system. Those who have continued with this work & made it a way of life have transformed their entire existence.


The report included with each session allows the client to gain an understanding of what happened during the treatment & offers guidance. If there is a specific intention for the session this will provide a clearer connection to the experience & the report. Sessions can take place over distance, online or in person on a day & time to suit. Distance sessions do not require client presence although meditation or sleep is recommended during the session. 




30 minutes                                £25

60 minutes                                £45




30 minutes                                £30

60 minutes                                £50




30 minutes                                £45

60 minutes                                £65



"Whilst the treatment was being carried out I totally relaxed, and, literally, thought of nothing, my mind cleared and I just drifted physically and mentally. The same has happened on all subsequent treatments I've had. Over the weeks my mind and body have seemed clearer and it has definitely helped me cope with my day to day living, which for me means coping with my MS better. I will continue on a regular basis."


"Phenomenal experience with Sophie, will be booking again very soon! If you’re thinking about getting energy work done, just commit- you won’t regret it!"

"Totally recommend Sophie, I keep coming back to her myself. She has a really wonderful personality, supportive, warm and really professional in her field. Thank you."

"Ordered for a friend and he was amazed, he left the session absolutely buzzing, Sophie made him feel comfortable and he said she had a really positive energy and he wants more sessions. Thank you."

"I really appreciate the way Sophie communicates and let's you know what is happening every step of the way.  I like having the breakdown in writing for future reference as well. Excellent work by Sophie. I would recommend her to everyone and I will definitely be back for more sessions."

"Thank you so much for sending my loved one the healing energy. Really appreciate it."

"A revitalizing healing session and a good report. Great communication."

"This was an excellent healing experience! I sincerely appreciated the communication and detailed report, and Sophie was very helpful in following up. The energy was very positive, and I have felt some shifts and expect they will continue and grow. Thank you so much for your kindness and support!"

"Beautiful healing."

"Ordered for someone else, and they were very impressed, first Sophie has great communication, he felt relaxed in her presence, she picked up on pain he was having in his shoulder with out being told about it previously, and he felt calm and peaceful afterwards, she has a lovely warm nature."

"Fantastic healer."

"I always feel so much better from this healing work. I can feel the blockages being removed. Thank you so much."

"I had requested a session for my son, he was so relaxed after the session , I am very pleased."

"I had a great Time with Sophie. She's an incredible person, I felt comfortable with her, like I knew her for a long time. I really recommend her to anyone wanting Reiki energy healing. Thanks."

"Amazing healing work as always."


"Looking forward to another session. Good communication."

"Great master."

"Sophie's amazing. I always feel the change. Thank you."

"Feel Beautiful and very healing energies thank you."

"An amazing healer!! I felt the difference right away. Highly recommend."

"The healing is Amazing as always. Thank you again."

"Wonderful healing just as always. I keep coming back for more. Thank you."

"Great communication , love the healing energies I always feel. So grateful."

"Thank you. Great educational session. Highly recommend it."

"I love the energies it’s so healing to me. I’m releasing suppressed memories via dreams. Thank you."

"She is the real deal. 100%. Gave me exactly what I needed to hear, and what was channeled through had info about my life that I did not give to her. It was amazing. I can only imagine what is given through the longer session. Highly highly recommended."

"Excellent work."

"Wonderful experience! Thank you for your help and guidance."

"I love working with Sophie; she is quick to respond and I appreciate that she provides a thorough explanation of the session. I trust Sophie to help with any issue and make a positive impact on me and my family members. Thank you Sophie for you insight and assistance. Blessings."

"One of the best healers. A true Angel. thank you!!!!!!"

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