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A collaboration between Sophie and her partner, electronic musician, Scott Wyllie, they work with experimental and raw expressions of play, grounding the natural psyche through the written word, visual meditations and tone poetry. They explore the fundamental interconnectedness of all things and invite consciousness into an immersive state of resonance with the intrinsic nature of being.

'A Different Perspective, the nature of being' is a parable of nurturing the creative element within, an inspirational little journal of self-discovery. Learn how to flow into new states of consciousness and access the number one unconditional source of guidance available to us all. Providing the keystone for creativity, abundance, peace and happiness. Discover your highest potential and embody the message into daily life to empower and expand awareness and your ability to create with ease from an inspired point of view. Allow nature within to unfold and evolve.

Creation is the purest expression of life; a space of belongingness becomes present. Intuitive and organic, our practice evokes the experience of transmuting the boundaries of physical and non-physical, chaos and order.

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